Why Do Window Bids Differ So Much?
Should I Invest $200, $600 or $1500
  In A New Window?
What's A Good Warranty On New
How Important Is The Window

Well, let’s start with the obvious. We all love a deal, however, in the home improvement industry as well as many other industries, there’s a famous saying: “Buy cheap, buy twice.”

New replacement windows ranging from $150 - $350 will leave you with what is called a rental window. A "rental window" means that you put a band-aid on your home and in the near future you will be replacing your window again. There are many reasons for this and they range from it being an inferior product to a poor or severely lacking window installation/warranty. These are readily available at home centers, don‘t be fooled by the “Big Name“ that everyone recognizes and has high ratings in the industry (usually on their other “premium” products). The “cheap” ones that the home centers sell are their “generic” version.

Now let’s talk about some good news. A new $1500-window is the same as a new $500-window. How can that be? The answer is simple. In the home improvement industry, there are many replacement window companies just out to make a quick buck, selling as many window replacement jobs as quickly as they can to as many people who are unfamiliar with their product., and beware of any company offering a “full rebate”. In this model they capitalize on un-savvy replacement window shoppers, and the company makes a lot of money very quickly and is gone in a flash. The windows they sell may turn out to be good, the installation may be good, but the company may not be in existence for a long time with this type of care for their customer, and there is really no guarantee on the Rebates.


Now let’s drop down to the $600-window - same product, same installation, even better warranty, because this company is in it for the long haul. This type of window company is not here to make the quick buck; this company is here to build a life-long relationship with its client. This company will be here in 20 years when you call it for either a service call or more home improvements.
So why the diversity in price? Most window companies are in business solely for profits, but then there are some in business for relationships plus a small profit. The ladder you find in these companies builds their business slowly through word of mouth and impeccable reputation for integrity, honesty and service. This type of window company has clients that know that at any given moment they can call on their company and know the phone will ring, someone will answer, or return their call immediately and within no time their problem will be solved.

In summary, the $600- and $1500- window are exactly the same product. Ironically, the product that costs 1/3 as much is the better value for dealing with an ethical window company that has been or will be in business for decades, if not more. This should give consumers not only a benefit to their wallets but also peace of mind for the future of their largest investment, their home.



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